Our Service

With over 30 years' experience in the industry and working with small local businesses through to the likes of Rolls Royce & Microsoft, we pride ourself in our affordable pricing and the highest levels of customer care.

InterOffice offers full space planning, interior design, build and post project services that ensure all your individual needs are met.

Simon Lo Gatto  will guide you through the planning process, helping you to select the most appropriate design for your requirements and producing drafts layout plans to ensure the most efficient use of space.  His family have been supplying office furniture for over 50 years and he has 30 years’ experience in providing the most design led, cost effective Italian made furniture for your offices

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We keep the cost to the client as low as possible by servicing our clients remotely.  In this increasingly adaptive word, using photos, floorplans, video conferencing, InterOffice can provide you full colour layout designs in 3D which can also include video animation.  There is no need to visit clients offices so by utilising the wealth of information technology in the market Interoffice will provide its clients with a design led office furniture solution at extremely competitive prices

Whatever your budget, we can provide the most appropriate solution for you. If you have a smaller budget but would like to optimise or update your existing space, we can help.


01 Brief from Client

First, we take a brief of the clients requirements.  These will include the following:

1.    How many staff for the office space the client has

2.    How many departments does the client have and how many people per department

3.    Is the office open plan or is there a requirement for Managers of departments to have closed off spaces?

4.    How many meeting rooms and how many people required for each meeting space

5.    Does the client require a boardroom

6.    Is a reception area required. If so, is there are requirement for a waiting area?

7.    Breakout.  Is there a requirement for a staff eating area.

8.    Other - Above are the main briefing points, however there are always individual requirements for each client and we will ask about further requirements for the clients’ needs.

Making Notes
Taking Notes

2. Space Planning & Design

Once we have the brief from the client we will then get our team of freelance designers to start the space planning and design process.  We use freelancers as we launch a competition on behalf of our client.  This is how the process works.

  1. As we work using remote services such as zoom, we typically receive information from the client in forms of photos, videos and CAD drawings of the office space.  That and the brief from the client is enough for InterOffice to provide an elite service for office furniture solution for our clients.

  2. The client will give us a design budget and we will then launch the competition.  A typical design budget is around £700 for a medium size business.

  3.  Up to 5 designers will then submit space planning designs of the clients’ office based on the brief.

  4.  InterOffice will firstly vet the designs and offer feedback to the designers based on our 30 years of providing this service.

  5.  We will then provide the client with 3 options of space planning form 3 different designers.

  6.  The client will decide which design and therefore designer the client wants to work with, and the project will be awarded to the winner.

  7.  InterOffice and the client will work together to make any changes to the deign of which the designer will implement.

  8.  Once the final design has been approved the designer will then fully render the designs with the furniture of the clients choice and also provide the overall look of the office so the client really understands what their offices will look like.

Designing on a Tablet
busy office

3. Budget and Quotation

Clients on some occasions do not want to reveal their budget however this limits our service in terms of how we can best propose the office furniture solutions for the client based on the brief above.

Should the client be forthcoming with a rough budget InterOffice will then provide a quotation based on the above brief with a budget in mind.  We will always provide options for cost effective solutions to the main quotation however knowing a budget and having options allows us to work closely with the client in acheiving their office furniture solutions.

The other alternative is to offer a bronze, silver and gold solution in terms of price.  This method however is time consuming and we are 'shooting in the dark' as not knowing a budget limits our knowledge on the best solution for the client.

Once we have provided you with a quotation, we will then work with the client line per line from the quotation regarding style and price to find the best office furniture solution within the budget the client has to work with.

Building Plans
Building Plan II

Order and delivery

Once we have agreed the final design and budget with the client and payment terms are agreed the following happens

1.    We send an order acknowledgment with a deposit request or pro-forma invoice.

2.    We order all the furniture within the quotation form our factories in Italy and in the UK.

3.    We provide a date and time with schedule for the office furniture delivery.

4.    InterOffice arranges for the transport from Italy and the UK to our London Warehouse.

5.    We will then deliver and install to your new offices as per the schedule and leave you offices in a wiped down and hoovered with all rubbish disposed of.  You are now ready to use your new beautifully designed and fitted office provided by InterOffice.

ESEDRA 3.jpg

Other services include

  1. Business Relocation

  2. Office fit out using our preffered partner

  3. Move Planning & Management

  4. Clearance & Recycle

  5. Technology Installation & Network Infrastructure

  6. Aftercare & Maintenance